Get better.
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Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Rahway is committed to
helping you and your family live better in every way. 

Founded in 1917, RWJ Rahway is a fully accredited acute care hospital 
and part of the esteemed Robert Wood Johnson Health System.
Our acclaimed inpatient and outpatient medical services include:
  • 24-hour Emergency Services
  • Cardiac Services Including Emergency Angioplasty
  • Orthopedic Surgery (Hip & Knee Replacement)
  • Stroke Center
  • Wound Care Center
  • Care Connection rehabilitation unit
  • Kindred Hospital New Jersey-Rahway, A Long-Term Acute Care Facility

Learn tips on what to do in an emergency.

RWJ Rahway in Blue Cross 
Blue Shield of New Jersey Network
Medical Service Spotlight
SleepCare™ Center
at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Rahway can help you get the sleep you need. Our state-of-the-art sleep disorder center provides testing and diagnosis of more than 100 known sleep disorders. Read More
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