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Patient Testimonial

Mr. De Almeida

“I can never show enough gratitude to everyone who saved my life. It was a miracle the way they ..”

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Cardiac Patient Testimonials

HeartHealth Stories

Hospital reviews and testimonials from some of our heart care patients:

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“I want to thank all those at RWJ Rahway for the excellent service and treatment I received, as well as my family and friends for their love and support.”
– Mark Maysonet
Mr. Maysonet suffered a heart attack at home. Three arteries were blocked, including the left anterior descending artery known as the “widowmaker.” He was rushed to RWJ Rahway for an emergency angioplasty. In addition, he was given therapeutic hypothermia for 24 hours to minimize long-term brain damage that might have occurred due to lack of oxygen reaching the brain. Cardiac rehab at RWJ Helped him regain energy and stamina. Mr. Maysonet is back to work, enjoying an active lifestyle and trying hard to manage stress.

Photo of cardiac treatment & services specialist Dr.Nick Delmonaco.
“At a big city hospital, you’re one of thousands of patients. You may never see the same doctor or nurse or technician again. You’re a number. But here, you see the same people. You become a family and, like a family, they really care about you. They do. The people here know you. They know if something’s not right.”
– Nick Delmonaco

Mr. Delmonaco suffered a heart attack while on vacation in Florida. Upon his return to New Jersey, he began cardiac rehabilitation at the Nicholas Quadrel Healthy Heart Center at RWJ Rahway.

Photo of Dr. Almeida, a cardiac physician at RWJ.
“I can never show enough gratitude to everyone who saved my life. It was a miracle the way they brought me back.”
– Eugene De Almeida
Mr. De Almeida suffered cardiac arrest at home just days before Thanksgiving. RWJ Rahway paramedics arrived in minutes and revived him before bringing him to the hospital’s Emergency Department, where physicians induced  hypothermia, a heart treatment used to lessen cardiac stress while reducing the risk of brain damage.

Photo of John Dziedzic, a cardiac surgeon at RWJ.
“I still can’t believe what they did to save my life. I am truly grateful.”
– John Dziedzic
Six days after Superstorm Sandy, Mr. Dziedzic felt something was wrong and drove himself to RWJ Rahway. As he pulled up to the hospital, he suffered a heart attack and went into full cardiac arrest. The Emergency Department restored his pulse after 40 minutes. He was then rushed to the cath lab where he  underwent emergency angioplasty to open two blocked arteries.

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