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All blood transfused in New Jersey is collected from volunteer blood donors. Methods employed in New Jersey include rigorous screening and exclusion of donors who are at high risk of exposure to AIDS and hepatitis. Each unit of blood is tested by the latest FDA approved method for the presence of the antibody to hepatitis and HIV viruses. These measures have proven to be very effective.

Autologous (self) Blood Donation
Autologous blood donation refers to the practice of donating one’s own blood for storage prior to a medical or surgical procedure. Directed or designated blood storage refers to designating the blood of a specific individual for use by you during a medical or surgical procedure.

Blood Donations
RWJ Rahway has partnered with the blood services program at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Brunswick. The two hospitals have four scheduled blood drives a year at the hospital in New Brunswick, 1 Robert Wood Johnson Place, New Brunswick, or 865 Stone Street, Rahway.  Donors can get an appointment by calling 732.499.6139.  Half of all donations are returned to Rahway for RWJ patients. 

You can make an appointment to donate blood by calling RWJ Blood Services at 732 235 8100 ext 248. The blood center is located at 125 Paterson Street, Fourth Floor. New Brunswick.  

Organ and Tissue Donation
RWJ Rahway is committed to partnering with the NJ Sharing Network to increase organ and tissue education and awareness. Organ and tissue donation and transplantation saves lives, gives hope and restores function. The NJ Sharing Network is dedicated to educating the public about the benfits of donation and transplantation, and supporting both donor families and transplant recipients. 

In cooperaton with The Sharing Network, a not-for-profit, federally-certified, state-approved organization, Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Rahway can facilitate recovery of organs and tissue. Patients and families can ask to speak with the hospital's organ donor coordinator. The Sharing Network can be reached at 800.742.7365 or visit for information about donating organs and tissue, plus information on putting organ donation permission on a driver’s license. 

Did You Know?

  • People of all ages and medical histories can be potential donors.
  • All major religions support organ and tissue donation.
  • The decision to be an organ and tissue donor in no way affects the level of medical care for a sick or injured person. The team of doctors and nurses involved in treating the patient are not involved with the transplant/recovery team. The transplant/recovery team is only involved after a death has occurred.
  • You can register as an organ and tissue donor at your local Motor Vehicle Center or online at You need to renew your decision to be a donor every time your license or state ID expires.
  • It's imporant to share your decision to donate with your family, your friends and those closest to you. Let them know your wishes.

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