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SleepCare™ Center

at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Rahway can help you get the sleep you need. Our state-of-the-art sleep disorder center...

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+ 2E/2A Nurse Manager Gary Buckalew  RN, MSN,CCRN
Title: Nurse Manager
Office phone: 732-499-6092
Unit: 2E/2A
+ 3C Nurse Manager Maria Ruiz  RN, BSN, MSM, CCRN
Title: Nurse Manager
Office phone: 732-499-6183
Unit: 3C
Email: Maria.Ruiz@RWJBH.Org
+ 3E Nurse Manager Rose Marie Caleen  RN-C,BS
Title: Nurse Manager
Office phone: 732.499.6095
Unit: 3E
+ Administration Director of Nursing Operations Eric Kleinert  RN, BSN
Title: Director of Nursing Operations
Office phone: 732-499-6594
Unit: Administration
+ Ambulatory Cardiac Services Manager Helen Peare  RN, BSN
Title: Manager
Office phone: 732-499-6073
Unit: Ambulatory Cardiac Services
+ Chief Nursing Officer Vice President Patient Services Ann Marie Shears  RN, MA, NE-BC
Title: Vice President Patient Services
Office phone: 732.499.6203
Unit: Chief Nursing Officer
+ Clinical Outcome Specialist Manager Deborah Gandy  MSN, MSA, RN, CPHQ
Title: Manager
Office phone: 732.499.6164
Unit: Clinical Outcome Specialist
+ Critical Care Nurse Manager Debra Toth  RN, MSN, CCRN
Title: Nurse Manager
Office phone: 732-499-6284
Unit: Critical Care
+ Education Manager Randolph Haywood, Jr.  DNP,MSN, RN
Title: Manager
Office phone: 732.499 6077
Unit: Education
+ Emergency Department Manager Karen Vargas  RN, BSN
Title: Manager
Office phone: 732.499.6315
Unit: Emergency Department
+ Hospital Inpatient Wound Care Nurse Paula Mattis  RN, WCC
Title: Inpatient Wound Care Nurse
Office phone: 732-453-2915
Unit: Hospital
+ Perioperative Services Director Victor Sanotsky  RN, MS
Title: Director
Office phone: 732-499-6307
Unit: Perioperative Services
+ Perioperative Services Nurse Manager Victor Sanotsky  RN, MS
Title: Nurse Manager
Office phone: 732-499-6053
Unit: Perioperative Services
+ Psychiatric Emergency Services Coordinator Debra Ciuba  RN, MSN
Title: Coordinator
Office phone: 732-499-6166
Unit: Psychiatric Emergency Services
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